Together we’ll rise above COVID-19


...By participating in Healthy Together you are playing an active and critical role in protecting the people close to you, and everyone in our community...

Governor Herbert
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Data for good

A user-centric approach to ensuring your privacy while empowering healthcare workers to combat COVID-19

You’re always in control and can delete your data at anytime.

Use of your data is limited to COVID-19 public health efforts and research purposes.

Data is encrypted in transit and while at rest.

All location and Bluetooth data is automatically deleted after 30 days.

All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30 days.

Join the Effort

Together we can safely re-open our communities.


Daily Symptom Checkups

Whether you’re healthy or sick, log your symptoms every day to find out what actions you should take. 

Keep track of your symptom history to easily share with your healthcare provider.


Access to Testing

Find out if you need to get tested.

Discover nearby testing centers and schedule an appointment.

Get access to a test if you need one and get your results delivered quickly through the app.


Augmented Contact Tracing

Help public workers  quickly trace the spread and alert those who need to be tested.

Allow researchers to quickly identify transmission zones.

A Message From
Governor Herbert

The State of Utah is working in collaboration with Healthy Together to stop the spread of COVID-19. By taking urgent action, we can all work together to protect the lives of our family members, friends, health workers, and the broader community.

In conjunction with other efforts spearheaded by the Governor’s Office, our partnership with Healthy Together will increase the ability of health workers and state officials to track, trace, and contain COVID-19. Healthy Together’s mobile application and analysis technology will support Utah’s contact tracing plan by giving state health workers a faster and more accurate picture of where and how the virus is spreading in our community.

Protecting the use of citizen data is of utmost concern to the State of Utah and Healthy Together. To ensure the privacy and security of the data of our citizens, we have agreed contractually that data use will follow these principles and limitations:

1. Use of the app is strictly opt-in and voluntary.

2. Users own their data and can delete their data at any time.

3. Only data that is required to combat COVID-19 will be shared with public health officials.

4. Location data will automatically be deleted every 30 days.

5. Symptom data will be automatically de-identified after 30 days.

6. Healthy Together will comply with State requirements for data security and encryption.

By participating in Healthy Together, you are playing an active and critical role in protecting the people close to you, and everyone in our community. The faster and more aggressively we can collectively respond to the threat of COVID-19, the sooner we will be able to eliminate this threat, re-open our neighborhoods, reactivate our economy, and resume enjoying everything we love about our great state. Thank you for your participation.


Governor Herbert