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Healthy Together's comprehensive business COVID-19 response and compliance platform has been tailor-built to safely, quickly, and easily streamline your organization's path back to a safe workplace. According to OSHA public health guidelines, employers should identify risk levels in workplace settings and determine appropriate control measures. Healthy Together is the industry-leading COVID-19 business toolkit, inclusive of an employee symptom checker, that your team needs to achieve your office reopening goals and best serve your customer.

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Return Employees Safely & Maintain Compliance with Constantly Changing Regulations & Guidelines


Automate daily assessments for employees to enable entry/exit clearance based on CDC guidelines.


Reduce the time between Contagion, Testing & Self Isolation.


Augmented & Automated Contact Tracing.


Streamline communication of guidelines and requirements to employees through seamless ad-hoc messaging.

Contact Tracing

  • With both in-app guided and digital contact tracing options available, our solution is mobile-first and massively scalable.

  • Automated alerting and Bluetooth facilitated anonymized contagious event notification will make your COVID 19 response best-in-class.

  • Finally, a streamlined communications portal for critical ad-hoc messaging based on symptom checker results.

Employee Symptom Checkups

  • Provides an easy in-app symptom checker for users to trace their symptoms every day.

  • Automates pandemic public health instructions about what actions employees should take based on their symptoms.

  • COVID-19 symptom checker determines if an employee should be tested for coronavirus.

Daily Passport

  • Our business COVID-19 response platform provides streamlined clearance procedures through a Daily Passport. Thisenables manual or automated personnel symptom checks to give you proactive control over protecting your workforce.

  • Our Daily Passport is customizable to your entry/exit procedures and security integrating with badging systems and any widely used single sign-on protocol.

  • Our solution provides enhanced functionality by integrating with your existing digital tools, workflows, and platforms such as Human Resources Information Systems or Incident Management Systems.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensure your business stays up to date and compliant with constantly changing coronavirus regulations and public health guidelines. Leverage our symptom checker to keep your workplace safe.

  • Consultative expertise in what it takes to develop an end-to-end business COVID 19 pandemic response and prevention initiative.

  • Map to OSHA/CDC guidelines, check symptoms, and trace infections in a landscape of competing and rapidly changing priorities.

Educate Your Team

  • Use the Healthy Together in-app notification system to seamlessly send health protocols and messages directly to individual employees or cohorts by location or job role.

  • Easily communicate and standardize company guidelines for employees' social distancing, symptom checking, isolation, and testing. Be confident your company guidelines are informed by professional medical advice.

Test Data Integration

  • Easily facilitate employees' coronavirus testing through local health systems or on-premise testing sites.

  • Analyze positive test data through employee self-reports or company testing operations. Leverage automation to maintain business operations with confidence.

Data for Good

You’re always in control

We understand how important privacy is. You’re always in control and can delete your data at anytime.

For COVID-19 purposes only

Use of your data is limited to health and research efforts around COVID-19.

Data security is our priority

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Contact tracing information is deleted after 30 days. Symptom data is anonymized.

How-To: Contact Tracing

When an employee tests positive for COVID-19, managers can use the Healthy Together contact tracing app and web portal to quickly identify who that person might have infected and use a company approved script to notify potential contacts and provide support for isolation and testing.

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