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Return To Work Safely

Healthy Together Enterprise allows an employer to safely reopen the workplace. Through Healthy Together, employers gain the information necessary to control COVID-19 within their premises through Assessment, Test Coordination & Contact Tracing efforts.

Daily Symptom Checker & Tests when Appropriate

Identify Virus Transmissions &  Communicate Instructions

WorkPlace Social Distance Instruction & Daily Support Communication

How-To: Contact Tracing

When an employee tests positive for COVID-19, your contact tracers can use the Healthy Together web portal to quickly identify who that person might have infected and use a company approved script to notify potential contacts and provide company support for isolation and testing.

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Data for good

A user-centric approach to ensuring your privacy while empowering healthcare workers to combat COVID-19

You’re always in control and can delete your data at anytime.

Use of your data is limited to COVID-19 public health efforts and research purposes.

Data is encrypted in transit and while at rest.

All location and Bluetooth data is automatically deleted after 30 days.

All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30 days.

Join the Effort

Together we can safely re-open our communities.

Educate Your Team

Standardize company guidelines for social distancing, symptom checking, isolation, and testing. Easily communicate and update guidelines.

Daily Employee Symptom Checker

Provide an easy way for employees to log their symptoms every day and standardize company wide instructions about what actions they should take and if they should be tested for COVID-19.

Transmission Zone Analysis

As employees test positive and report their symptoms, Healthy Together will tie that data to the employee’s location. Map visualizations will help management identify transmission zones and infection concentrations. In this way, management can respond to the pandemic in a targeted way and not have shut down entirely.

Test Data Integration

Easily facilitate employee testing through local health systems or on premise testing sites. Analyze positive test data through employee self-reports or company testing operations.

Daily Communication Center

Use the Healthy Together notification system to seamlessly send health protocols and messages directly to individuals or cohorts by location or job role.

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