Healthy Together’s COVID-19 response technology helps accelerate the time between detecting COVID-19 symptoms and notifying those at risk thereby slowing the spread and keeping our communities safe.


Jeff and Sarah don't know each other, but Healthy Together's app with Bluetooth tracing services securely records a potential exposure event.


A few days later, Jeff feels sick and checks his symptoms on the Healthy Together app. He is directed to get tested at a nearby health clinic.


The Public Health Department receives Jeff’s positive COVID-19 test result from the clinic. Through a Healthy Together integration, a public health official notifies both Sarah and Jeff what they should do next.


Jeff receives his test result securely in the app and works with a health official to identify people he may have come in contact with.


Sarah receives a call from Public Health informing her that she was exposed to COVID-19 and is instructed to take the appropriate next steps.