Together We’ll
Rise Above

Our technology reduces the time between contagion, testing & self isolation.


Daily Symptom Checkups

Whether you’re healthy or sick, log your symptoms every day to find out what actions you should take.
Keep track of your symptom history to easily share with your healthcare provider.


Access to Testing

Find out if you need to get tested. Discover nearby testing centers and schedule an appointment. Get access to a test if you need one and get results delivered quickly in-app.


Augmented Contact Tracing

Help public workers quickly trace the spread and alert those who need to be tested. Allow researchers to quickly identify transmission zones.


Communicate Guidelines

Communicate state, company or university plans and guidelines on the map and through our notifications feature.

Data for Good

You’re always in control

We understand how important privacy is. You’re always in control and can delete your data at anytime.

For COVID-19 purposes only

Use of your data is limited to health and research efforts around COVID-19.

Data security is our priority

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Location data is deleted after 30 days. Symptom data is anonymized.

What is Contact Tracing?

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Jeff and Sarah don’t know each other, but Healthy Together’s app with Bluetooth and location tracing services securely records a potential exposure event.
A few days later, Jeff feels sick and checks his symptoms on the Healthy Together app. He is directed to get tested at a nearby health clinic.
The Public Health Department receives Jeff’s positive COVID-19 test result from the clinic. Through our integration, a public health official notifies both Sarah and Jeff what they should do next.
Jeff receives his test result securely in the app and works with a health official to identify people he may have come in contact with.
Sarah receives a call from Public Health informing her that she was exposed to COVID-19 and is instructed to take the appropriate next steps.