Return to work or school safely.

Free COVID-19 symptom checking solution for Utah businesses, schools, and select partners.
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Our Solutions


Protect residents and control the pandemic by reducing the time between contagion, testing and self isolation in your community.

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Get back to work with our comprehensive solution built to easily streamline your organization's path back to a safe workplace.

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Safely get back to school with our custom tool for higher education, university and college administrators to control COVID-19 within their premises.

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Data for Good

You’re always in control

We understand how important privacy is. You’re always in control and can delete your data at anytime.

For COVID-19 purposes only

Use of your data is limited to health and research efforts around COVID-19.

Data security is our priority

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Contact tracing information is deleted after 30 days. Symptom data is anonymized.